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Over the past 30+ years, BLC Ltd have worked on a wide range of client projects, of which we are very proud. The following provides you with 

an insight into some BLC Ltd projects and a few words from our highly valued and satisfied clients.


Beef Rearing Unit - Commercial Farm in The Cotswolds

A large working livestock farm required the installalation of new beef rearing units. Work undertaken for this project was to clear the existing site, working in collaboration with the erection of commercial beef rearing units and also the installation of the farm's fishing lake. The project required groundworks, concrete laying, erection of buildings and landscaping.


Phil Hinds, Owner,  Beech Farm, Gloucestershire

"We have had BLC Ltd to do a range of work from concrete laying to adding the finishing touches to farm buildings and work done on and around our fishing lake. All BLC Limited work was well executed and done with good humour and reliability."


Trebandy Farm – Hydro Electricity Project in Herefordshire

This farm has high quality holiday accommodation and also rears Highland cattle and Hebridian sheep. Installation of hydro electricity for farm. Work carried out included creating a dry and safe envelope for installation of water wheel and fish and eel passes, maximising the drop weir and creating a channel for the rapid tail water from the wheel. Digging a cable trench through the curtilages of domestic properties in close proximity to services and installing the wheel.


Geoffrey Jordan, Owner, Trebandy Farm

"BLC Ltd were easy to work with, nice to have around, thoughtful and good at finding practical solutions to difficult and unusual problems arising in the course of installation of the hydro facility. Sensitivity to the client’s objectives, and the sensitivities of others, committed to getting things done. I will be asking them to quote for further work I hope shortly to be carrying out.”


Elmore Court - Wedding Venue with Rooms, Gloucestershire

Winner of the 2015 Hudsons Heritage Awards for Best Wedding Venue, BLC Ltd executed a number of projects at the venue during refurbishment which included landscaping and installation of guest car park. Additionally the creation of accesses and pathways to and around the venue. Turfing and soft landscaping the surrounding grounds.


 Anselm Guise, Owner & Proprietor, Elmore Court

“The mammoth undertaking of refurbishing Elmore Court and launching the venue was greatly contributed to by the efforts of BLC Ltd. The ease of having Ben and his team around and their self-sufficiency greatly facilitated us in concentrating on the business in hand of opening our doors. BLC Ltd did a fantastic job, no stone unturned.”


WWT Wild Fowl and Wetlands Park, South West London - Wild Park Housing and Natural Habitat

A well-established wetlands park wanted to initiate otter awareness for the general public by creating a natural habitat environment for otters. The comprehensive project included the creation of pools, accommodation, nesting, playing and feeding areas and the construction and erection of a  boardwalk viewing area.


WWT Wild Fowl and Wetlands Park, Gloucestershire – Interactive Children’s 

Play Area

A brand new kids interactive water play park initiating groundworks for entire site, preparing for installation of play equipment, astro-turfing site and landscaping for completion of site – all completed and ready for play!


Helene Moore – Hotelier and Property Owner, Gloucestershire

Long standing client whom BLC Ltd have regularly worked with on various commercial and domestic projects requiring restoration, property and building maintenance. Major works included internal and external lime plaster work, flood damage repair, restoration, sensitive period building window and door replacement, overall property and grounds maintenance.


Helene Moore, Gloucestershire

“BLC Ltd is a trusted and long standing contractor service which I use regularly. I would not hesitate in recommending a great established family run local business who operate with integrity and reliability.”


Catrin Meredydd, Production Designer, London- Provision of TV Set Materials

BLC Ltd has access to excellent high quality agricultural, horticultural and building based resources and has provided excellent materials for staging and set installations for Catrin whose many projects include working with the BBC and ITV.


“For the recent Cornish period drama, Poldark, BLC Ltd were able to provide everything on my wish list including vines, dead wood and a large amount of gorse bushes (at short notice!) in a timely, friendly and accommodating fashion. I look forward to working with BLC Ltd again soon.”


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